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These are our currently available staff for the different positions (TV|BD):

  • Timers (½|½)
  • Encoders (1|1)
  • Typesetters (½|½)
  • Quality checkers (0|1)
  • Editors (0|0)
  • Translators (½|½)
  • Translation checkers (½|½)

Requirements for timers:

Concepts you should be familiar with: scene timing, pre-timing, fine timing and chain timing.
What you should be able to do:  create your own workraws and passfiles if necessary, distinguish how much lead in/lead out  that is needed on every line, shift lines properly.
What Squiggy says you shouldn’t do: use tpp.

Requirements for encoders:

You make things look good. Deftly handling aliasing, banding, bad upscales and the like is your thing. Also, you’re allergic to eyecancer.

Requirements for typesetters:

What’s most important is that you’re not mentally inhibited. You should also know most of the commonly used .ass tags, be familiar with frame-by-frame typesetting and know how to properly combine \t with other useful tags.
Be creative. Being familiar with Mocha is a plus. Familiarity with Corel is two pluses.
If you know you can do better than Oosran, then don’t hesitate and try applying. (Recent examples of Oosran’s work: SAO episodes 1-4)
As per request by Squiggy, TS this to test your mettle and submit it to us once you’re done.

Requirements for quality checkers:

You must have a working brain, and you must also know English. If you’re a native English speaker, even better.
Something else you need to be able to do is recognize errors done by other staff members. Preferably, you should have no qualms about complaining about errors that others have made, as long as you do it objectively and not just for the sake of complaining. Constructive criticism is good.

Requirements for editors:

Most important, be literate in English. Apart from English, you should also be able to fluently read and understand Engrish and be able to translate it into proper English. It’s also a plus if you have some slight familiarity with how the Japanese language works in order to better understand just what the hell the translator is trying to convey, but it’s not a necessity. That part can usually be worked out anyway.
Our most basic of tests for editors is this. Edit it so that it makes sense, has correct grammar, and is fit for release. If you don’t think you can edit something properly without being familiar with the show in question, then make yourself familiar with it.

Requirements for translators/translation checkers:

If you’re going to apply as a translator, you must be able to translate a whole episode within a decent time frame. If that came as a surprise, then don’t apply. How you translate it and what tools you use to do so are up to you, as long as it results in a properly translated episode. Oh and, we only want Japanese->English translators, so no Chinese->English or English->French or whatever. That’s just not necessary.
As for translation checkers, you’d have to be as proficient in Japanese as a translator, as your job is going to be finding mistranslated lines in the original translation.
To test your translation skill, translate any given episode of Kyoukaisen-jou no Horizon (season 1 or 2). If you can do that properly, then you can probably translate most airing shows well enough. Or you can ask for something to translate and we’ll provide you with material. Don’t forget to turn in your translation for evaluation, as that’s kind of the point of a test.

For any questions, ask either in the comments below or find someone with the right amount of authority in our IRC channel,
New prospects are strongly encouraged to send an email to Sending an email is the most reliable way to get through to us. When applying by email, make sure include certain details like what you’re applying for, if you have any previous experience, what time zone you’re in, and any other things you think we need to know.

Changes to these requirements may be done at any given time.

Update (2014-08-28): Contacting us via IRC might prove problematic since none of our core staff is now there anymore. And DerpS (our resident bot) died ages ago as well. Literally. The machine that was running the IRC client with DerpS connected blew up. Might have to do something about that eventually. Your best shot would be via
Update (2014-09-08): Requirements not really changed, but some things have been clarified.
Update (2014-09-14): DerpS is up in #Derp-Subs again, though with a very limited vocabulary. Channel re-registered. All is peaceful again.
Update (2015-04-15): TS and Edit test links fixed.

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  1. Shandris permalink
    July 29, 2015 17:28

    I can help as QC if u still need :)

    • July 29, 2015 19:33

      Hey, thanks for showing interest. I’m having some technical difficulties which I hope to sort out before tomorrow when I go abroad for a couple days, but if you could throw an email to I can get back to you once I’m back in the country.

      • Shandris permalink
        August 23, 2015 01:44

        Sent an email right now :)

  2. November 24, 2012 07:48

    LOLHeroes whar?

    • November 30, 2012 11:33

      Well, ep8 is still stuck on QC. Dunno how that’s going.

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