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Seraph of it’s literally the End – OAD

October 15, 2016

derpdesuyo-owari-no-seraph-oadTFW you’re technically a main character but nobody cares because you’re not Shinoa

Oh. Delayed post is delayed because I was kinda sleeping or so. Anyway.

Totally not an ominous title or anything nope. Hi. This OAD release officially marks the end of our work with Seraph as there’s just nothing more of the series in the works. Go read the manga though, it’s good. Also go read the prequel LN; it’s even better. Like, way better.

In case you don’t remember, both the TV and BD releases of Seraph as well as this OAD have been done jointly with the good folks over at DameDesuYo. I typo’d that like four times before I got it right. Fingers pls.

Torrent | DDL

On another note, I still intend to eventually get those LOLHeroes BDs out. One day. Also ItsuTen. Or I might just let Squiggy do whatever he wants with ItsuTen if it takes too long before I get to that. There isn’t really that much to do on ItsuTen anyway since that had a proper team working on it from the start and the quality is already passable. The main reason that hasn’t happened yet is because LOLH is higher on my priorities and that’s a lot more work. LOLHeroes will see the light of day eventually, even if it’s the last thing I do.

Finally, other than LOLHeroes and possibly ItsuTen, this will most likely be the last release we ever do here at Derp. I’d planned for the joint with DDY as a kind of publicity stunt to see if I could attract some talent to help revive Derp, but the response has been quite underwhelming to say the least. As such, there’s no feasible way to keep going, but frankly most anime isn’t worth the time these days anyway. Or that’s my opinion at least. If you’re still enjoying all the anime that airs, good for you. Note how this post is also a final call for help reviving the group.

And with that, I’m signing out. See you again when LOLHeroes is ready.

– Oosran

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