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Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya – 12 (and kind of future plans)

December 27, 2015

And that marks the end of the second season of this joint with DameDesuYo. I’ve heard there’s supposedly something else planned, an OVA or something, so you’ll see that coming out eventually as well. And there’s the BDs with the accompanying specials too, so we’re not entirely done with this show yet. I doubt we’ll get much continuation after S2 though, as this is after all a show based on work by Kagami Takaya. His stuff never gets sequels; it’s surprising this even got two seasons in the first place. This was planned as split-cour from the beginning, so it’s kind of like LOLHeroes just that it was spread out over a longer period and with a break in the middle. Regardless, there’ll be a little bit more, but that’s the last we’ll see of this show.

Torrent | DDL

Wrote a bunch of stuff below about the future and some other stuff, read it if you want.

While I’m sipping my morning latte waiting for begna to decide the episode is about ready for release, I thought I’d take the time to go over some future plans. Actually beggy went to sleep because ‘Murica so if I’m still having coffee when I post this it’ll be evening coffee.
First of all, those LOLHeroes and ItsuTen BDs are not dead. Before I allow myself to retire completely from fansubbing, I will get those out. LOLHeroes is taking a lot of time mainly because I was bad at this fansubbing thing back in the day and I basically have to rewrite the entire scripts instead of just doing some minor editing here and there. I could just do them from scratch as it might actually be faster that way, but it would give Squiggy more work since he’d have to time the stuff from scratch too, and I’d rather avoid that.
But once I manage to get past LOLHeroes, ItsuTen shouldn’t be too far behind. Those TV releases were way more mature than LOLHeroes (we had an actual team working on it instead of just me and Samu-tan) and there it’s actually mainly just a case of editing a couple lines, checking inconsistencies and such.

And then what? Once those unfinished Kagami Takaya shows are finally completed, I’m thinking of disappearing from the fansubbing scene. Again. This time more permanently, unless we get another show adapted from Kagami Takaya, like Mokushiroku Alice or something. That’s really the only motivation I have to fansub these days. That and Gochiusa, but Gochiusa aired at almost the same time as Seraph so unfortunately I couldn’t realistically work on that as well.
The exception would be if we actually get some new people to keep the group alive before I retire. In that case I’ll stay as TLC and de facto leader and just make sure things run smoothly. The whole idea behind calling this collaboration with DDY a joint was to show the community that Derp Subs still exists in order to try to draw some interest and maybe get a couple new people to help out working on stuff. In reality, the only part that was actually provided by anyone in Derp was translation by yours truly, everything else was handled by people at DDY, so it was really a joint in name only.
But as it turns out, that didn’t really help much and we didn’t manage to generate enough interest to keep going on our own. As such we’ll be disappearing into obscurity again once the BDs are all done.

It’s been fun though. Mostly.

– Oosran

6 Comments leave one →
  1. April 12, 2016 13:39

    You guys are one of my fav sub. Good work!

  2. Anonymous permalink
    February 15, 2016 05:51

    You guys did a great job on this show. Thanks guys.

  3. Hoshi permalink
    January 25, 2016 09:06

    I greatly appreciate for all the work you guys have done! Whether Owari no Seraph gets a sequel or not, it was a quite a fun watch, especially if you compare the classy trash out there this (formally last?) season. Even if you guys disappear into anonymity, you will not be forgotten :)

  4. December 28, 2015 15:11

    And here I was gonna petition you to TL that train anime in the spring!

    I’d even [mostly] wake up on time!

  5. Saeval permalink
    December 28, 2015 03:43

    Y’ know, technically I’m in Derp too so encode was at least half provided by Derp as well ω

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