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Gosick 09 – Released

March 6, 2011

Sup, I was at a friend’s for a few days, playan’ Europa Universalis III multiplayer. That was a lot more fun than expected.
And it feels so great to colonize Africa and being the lead trader of slaves in the whole world.
Oh and also the lead trader of fish.

And then Samu-tan was busy playan’ Pokémon Black or something.
Tl;dr I blame Europe, Pokemanz and old people that fart in your face ;_;.

Anyway, I heard you wanted some Gosick, so here ya go then. Oh and, seeing as we’ve had 2 Sunday releases in a row now, I guess we might try having a Friday night-release next week. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ Of course, assuming we can get a raw in time.

>France and England are at war
>Initiate royal marriages with both France and England
>France and England decimate each other’s forces
>mfw their lands are up for grabs /人 ‿‿ 人\

Also, when we get to the point where a 1-12 batch torrent is due, I’ll make a bunch of patches. Fixing those minor careface errors, as well as changing the name of the country from Sauville to Saubourg. After asking some French people doing some research, based on the Japanese pronunciation of the name, it would most likely be spelled Saubourg.
Or mebbe I’ll just make it Saubure, seeing as even the signs suggest that it’s spelled ‘Saubure’. >_>

– Oosran

PS. Pokémon Black > fansubbing. I’m just sayin’

– Samu-tan

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  1. Senna permalink
    March 9, 2011 08:21

    21:34 – USODA!
    That alone deserves complimenting ^^
    Thanks for the release, Derp!

  2. John permalink
    March 7, 2011 22:09

    Just started this series but I wanted to let you guys know that I think you guys are doing a great job at this. Nice to see accurate translations (to the best of my limited knowledge).

    Just saying thanks.

  3. yipeskop permalink
    March 6, 2011 22:19

    Oh, it’s been quite a while since I’ve played EU3 multiplayer. The last time I played it, I and two friends took over every province in the entire world then had a massive free for all war with each other. Oh, good times.

    Also thanks for the release. :D

  4. Sky permalink
    March 6, 2011 21:37

    Oooo! Do we get Fabulous Karaoke when the batch is released?!?

    • March 6, 2011 22:10

      Inb4 I add a third subtitle track with really fabulous karaoke that requires even moar CPU <3
      But no, the only planned changes for the batch is fixing typos and possible name changes.


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