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LOL Heroes BD 01&02 – Released

November 4, 2010

So yeah anyway, here’s the first BD volume, containing episodes 1 and 2 (obviously).

Episode 1: 1080p MU – 1080p Torrent || 720p MU720p Torrent
Episode 2: 1080p MU – 1080p Torrent || 720p MU720p Torrent

Creds to Zdm321 for providing them raws, and Mertokk for QC’ing.
These will probably appear on the bot as soon as it resurrects, since it seems to have died during a split last night. RESURRECTION COMPLETE

Edit: Now, to answer some questions. 1) 720p release, I dunno. Maybe. (Well seeing as the demand is somewhat high, I guess we’ll have us a 720p sooner or later.) That’d be sometime during the next week due to material reasons however.
And if anyone’s wondering, the next BD volume is released on November 25th, probably containing eps 3-4 and volume 3 on 22nd December (Chrismas release, anyone?)  which then most likely contains ep 5-6.
Was there something else… Oh well anyway, I’ll be getting to work on this week’s episode when I get home from work tonight.
Edit2: There’s this one guy who mentioned something about the crc checksum not matching up, and this is most likely due to the software I’m using calculating the crc in a different order.
Edit3: Oh yeah, I was right. It does calculate it in reverse order. So correct crc’s are [CED859D8] for ep1 and [034E07AC] for ep2.
Now that that’s done, I’mma start encoding those 720p versions.
Edit4: Well there we go, 720p’s out. Will get the next 720p’s out pretty soon after the 1080p’s for the next BD volume. (Will encode it all in one go.)

– Oosran

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  1. Fullmetal Physicist permalink
    November 14, 2010 19:53

    Thanks for 720p. Downloading now.

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