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Mini Sengoku Basara – Chousokabe-kun to Mouri-kun

July 26, 2010

So yeah, I’m a fan of Sengoku Basara, and when i heard of these specials like.. Just a few minutes ago, I was like “Damn, I’d like to sub that”, since apparantly, no one’s done so.

Here’s the catch though: Raws. Are where? I mean.. I don’t want to have to rip off of youtube, ’cause in that case.. Nah I can skip subbing this. (Youtube quality for raws? No thank you)

Halp, anyone? ( ゚ ー ゚)
Edit: That seems to be solved, starting on it tomorrow or so I guess.
Edit2: Oh and yeah, I’m prolonging the first release of this until after LOL Heroes ep 5. Gotta prioritize and currently I’m putting priority on the good weather. and currently I’m putting priority on LOL Heroes next episode.

– Oosran

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  1. Vermillion permalink
    January 24, 2011 22:25


  2. ARI permalink
    November 17, 2010 11:40

    Yes! ^ __ ^ please sub~ I will be looking forward to it~

  3. Masamune permalink
    October 1, 2010 21:44

    Oh please, please do sub this, i’m a HUGE fan of Sengoku (anime and games, nodoby else is subbing it.

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