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8 lines… 8 EFFING LINES!

July 25, 2010

We have 8 more lines to translate..

8 MOAR. And they’re freaking unintelligible. What the hell were 11eyes’ script writers thinking?! ;_; 2 more lines now, both are said by Shiori, stupid girl, speak up. Yeah, I’m done translating.

Anyway, I’m gonna head to the cinema to watch a movie with some friends. Inception, yay.

I hope we can upload the OVA tonight. I think we’ll be able to upload the 1080p torrent in a few hours, and the 1080p and 720p DDL along with the 720p torrent tomorrow. Dunno how fast Oosran’s uploading speed is, but I guess it takes a while to upload 2 blu-ray files to MU. ^^;

Sorry for (another) delay.  。_。
Edit(Oosran): Stupid Shiori, saying incomprehensible stuff. /rant

– Samu-tan

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  1. Hentai permalink
    July 25, 2010 13:48

    At least we know it’s being subbed, thanks man. :D

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