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11eyes OVA – Status

July 23, 2010

First status post ever, cool.

Anyway, as of now, this is our situation on this one:

  • Raw acquisition: (1080p BD) ✔
  • TL: ✔
  • Edit: ✔
  • TLC: ✔
  • Timing: ✔
  • TS: ✔
  • Karaoke: ✔
  • QC: ✔
  • Encoding: ✔

That being said, Samu-tan’s the only one who’s done anything on this so far. He’s also started the translation. HE ROCKS. (And this is what happens when you let him have editor rights ┐(-。ー’)┌)

Edit1: We’re working hard, both of us.
Edit2: There’s some horribly annoying notes in the beginning and the end of the episode that screws things up.
(The part in the beginning’s done though! : D)
Yeah, the text parts are done!
Edit3: We’ll do both a 1080p version and a 720p, since I know there are a lot of people who can’t handle 1080p.
Edit4: I’m stuck installing a server without my own pc available.. So Samu-tan’s the only one working on the episode at the moment. Anyway we’re hoping to release later tonight. We’re both on it again.
Edit5: Updated status, almost done now (Samu-tan needs to approve, is all). Releasing sometime during Sunday. I’ll just go watch LOL Heroes in the meantime.

– Oosran

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  1. July 23, 2010 12:21

    Let’s just say you have. : >

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